INKFISH provides a learning platform where students from all kinds of backgrounds are overseen by a quality-driven team of experts, ensuring your brand, website, and digital marketing are up to standards at very affordable rates.

A team of marketing managers is are here to oversee your online presence, improve your Google ranking, collect social proof and support you with your remote networking.

An international, ever-changing contingent of apprentices ensures progress is fast and follows a proven blueprint while unlocking their talents and exploring online careers.

What I like about Inkfish is that it is very systematic. We’re now about 6 weeks into the process and it has been a bit of a whirlwind where a new logo was designed, a new web site was launched and where the start of a digital marketing campaign of my newly designed travel itineraries is marked. The INKFISH team has been quite remarkable in doing all of that in this short amount of time. Thank you very much for all your very hard work so far.

Jessy Lipperts / Planet Pilgrims

Our new product page & online shop is finally up, go and have a look see! All beautifully done by INKFISH, excellent web and creative work. The packaging has very much been a learning curve for all of us. Earth friendly landfill free has been a top priority and INKFISH have totally supported this core principal.

Taleszia Pillay / Happy Earth People

We have been very satisfied with the quality of the work that has been done by INKFISH during the contract.

Angela Lawless / Local Enterprise Office Wexford

Thank you so much. I picked up printed cards on Wednesday. I immediately got compliments from people I handed out to that evening, so hats off to INKFISH team!

Sarah Decker / Language that Works

Yes! A big TY for your work.
The site is sooooo much better!

Diane Blakeman / 3to5 Club

I trust you, I'm happy with you guys. I was delighted I had a call from the Worker's Union who wanted me to enforce a decision in the the local district court. He said he Googled Solicitors in Waterford and we were the first one to come up and he's doing that from Cork. And for me that is a huge plus. So, whatever you are doing, the fact that he is checking from Cork and we are popping up. That's really positive from my point of view. That's exactly what we want.

Paul Murran, Solicitor / Peter O'Connor & Son Solicitors

Thank you for the wonderful learning booklet for Taking A Stand program. It's wonderful. Thank you very much. I'm looking forward to the rest of the materials. Everything is coming together. So, thank you.

Dr Ayelet Giladi / Voice Of Child Association

As previously advised, we have been very satisfied with the quality of the work that has been done by Inkfish during the contract.

Angela Lawless / Local Enterprise Office Wexford

Great work yes. Really impressed with your work guys!!

Martin Jones / Green Elements

We would not be where we are today without you, you have highly contributed to our growth, and we have really enjoyed working particularly with Claire, my favourite marketing manager of all time.

Judith Walter / Caffenu

The website has had rave reviews. Folks saying it's well designed, looks very stylish, very elegant, works fast on laptop and mobiles. Well done all. Thanks very much. A VERY BIG THANK YOU. I really appreciate all of this.

Gillian McWilliam / Steed & Style

Suzan’s judgement and guidance comes with such experience and alignment to what a small company needs that just her one or two hours per month save us a huge amount of wasted effort and opens effective avenues that we may never have thought of.

Tara Wood / Language that works

Great job getting to this point! I'm getting great feedback on the site already - thx!

Chuck Blakeman / 3to5 Club

Your incredible logo (such good feedback), the website and hosting of my email has literally changed my life. I wouldn't have been able to launch myself into my true passion had it not been for your generous input.

Kevin Abbott / Hey Abbott entertaining

I really like those banners they look very cool.

Paul Holly / Holly arb

Perfect, cant believe how fast you work. Delighted now.

Kevin O' Keeffe / Oinkies

I'm just sending you a voicenote regarding the demo website, it looks absolutely amazing. I really do like it. It's absolutely awesome.

Euwan Erwee / The Acumen Group

Sales are looking very good this month again, thx

Neil Van Vuuren / Agreements Online

This is great work and absolutely love it and the colours and way it is laid out is amazing thank you. Really excited.

Euwan Erwee / The Acumen Group

It is ideal stuff and I’m happy with it. I’m also happy for you to continue with your research and send on.

Paul Holly / Holly Arb


What will you learn? The possibilities are endless, and unlike other online courses, we start with a basic framework to put it all into perspective. We have the nitty-gritty documented on an online lesson library of close to 1000 lessons, and you have your tutor mentoring and guiding you while you work with real accounts. To learn more, you may read what our past apprentices say right here



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