For the tourism industry, it is vital to be able to be found online. Often the people searching for a particular variety of activities and places are not familiar with the area or network that can recommend such things, therefore TripAdvisor rankings to Google business pages, in some cases, also the use of other social media to the max of the capacity. In the case of a hotel, we found that the big touristic booking sites will bring in the bulk of the bookings, a Google AdWord campaign managed by us yields a higher return on investment because no booking fees need to be paid to those international websites, it’s therefore very lucrative to ensure that SEO is optimized and campaign is running to bring in the tourists that are looking around to spend their money in one of these places.


CROSSINGS TRAVEL – alternative tour operators

OCEAN VIEW HOUSE – Camps Bay hotel

PISCES DIVERS – diving school

Sacred Sites Inkfish graphic

SACRED SITES – specialist tour operators

Planet Pilgrims Inkfish Graphic