Shamillah Wilson Inkfish graphic


With a working relationship going back for years, it is a joy working for Shamillah and defining her coaching niche. The beautiful design work was originally done by RedHot design and we continued to translate this through to business cards, course covers and social media templates.
A later rebrand brought the African theme more to the foreground emphasising the brand message to focus on a niche target market of female African gender activists.

Shamillah Willson business card

Business card design

Shamillah Willson book graphic

Creation of ebook Your Life As An Activist Project

Shamillah website showcase

website design

Shamillah social medica mosaic

Design social media cover and icon

I would like to commend inkfish for their support in helping me refine my target audience. Previously I had articulated it as working for changemakers which I was advised too broad. After careful consideration, I was able to state that I want to focus on social justice activists and leaders and this has a positive impact as it resonated more with the people I really wanted to reach.

Shamillah Wilson / Shamillah Wilson Coach