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Renée from Sagittarius Way is an expert animal communicator that uses her well-developed gifts to help animals heal physically and emotionally to live a fulfilled life. She also uses her expertise to help people connect with the natural world around them and find a balance between their input and output of energy. Over the years we have become great friends with Renée and enjoy creating all her written content for the website, newsletter, and social media. Being an expert in the coaching industry means having a prominent online presence and great design work really helps you stand out.


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WordPress website with Woo commerce online shop that showcases elegant and professional visuals.

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Monthly blog content and promoting services as a competition to encourage engagement through the website and social media platforms.

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Facebook page with 500+ followers connected to an active FB group that hosts events for connections all over the world.

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Journal prompts 6 month program that aims to focus on a specific topic to reach set intentions. Management through Mailchimp recipient/program list.