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This family business based in Waterford, Ireland was feeling the pressure to move into the digital space and open more doors for new business. Their website was well designed visually however cumbersome and expensive to update due to custom coding. We converted the website exactly as it was into WordPress Flatsome and this increased Google ranking and brought costs down for any content marketing and adding forms to streamline client onboarding.

Infographics are another powerful tool that has gained this company many clicks and in doing so, a top spot above the competition.

Peter O'Connor website showcase

Converted WordPress website with Flatsome theme and many time saving forms.

Peter O'Connor Instagram showcase

Their existing strong brand was maintained and translated to all social media channels.

Peter O'Connor process of the sale of a house from a legal perspective

A popular and very well executed infographic outlining the complex process of buying property in Ireland.

Peter O'Connor blog showcase

A growing, well-researched branded collection of blog posts will remain a marketing asset in years to come.

I trust you, I’m happy with you guys. I was delighted I had a call from the Worker’s Union who wanted me to enforce a decision in the the local district court. He said he Googled Solicitors in Waterford and we were the first one to come up and he’s doing that from Cork. And for me that is a huge plus. So, whatever you are doing, the fact that he is checking from Cork and we are popping up. That’s really positive from my point of view. That’s exactly what we want.

Paul Murran, Solicitor / Peter O’Connor & Son Solicitors