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We went all out in the first few months for Perfume Power with a full rebrand. This included a new logo, a website with booking calendar, many corporate ID items and a lovely template for blogs and events. We also came up with strategic marketing ideas such as LinkedIn advertising and forms to re-order perfume. The most epic collaboration was a complex form where you were able to design and order your own perfume.
We have enjoyed growing the Perfume Power brand with Diana Rankin and miss her sincerely as friend and inspirational client.

Perfume power logo

Redesigned logo for Perfume Power with existing brand colours and clear vision from client.

Perfume power Facebook page showcase

The Perfume Power blog won accolades for being one of the best in the industry, shown as FB post example here.

Perfume power book showcase

A popular and very well executed free download still gaining the brand new subscribers.

Perfume power website showcase

Full e-commerce WordPress website with online event booking facility, consistent branding and excellent ranking.

Just thought to share in the last 2 days that I have had 5 orders on the Create You Own Perfume Online Facility.
I am super excited.

Diana Rankin / Perfume Power

I can honestly say that I feel after the re-branding and focusing on my target markets that there has been a huge shift in the credibility of my business. I am very grateful for all that has been done for me.

Diana Rankin / Perfume Power

With trello planning, scheduling of all activities the sense of accountability and quality control to my business has been a very important indicator of my success and new clients I am getting.

Diana Rankin / Perfume Power