language that works Inkfish design


Thanks to all the work we did for SAFCEI, we were the preferred choice to tackle the full rebrand, web development, marketing and design for Language that Works.

This account has been particularly fun because of the bird visuals we have been able to source and connect to the various feelings upon which the NVC methodology is based. The bird pictures have been used by other NVC practitioners, a testament to the powerful symbolism supporting the brand.

Language that Works logo

A flock of birds became the icon for Language That Works to symbolise the communication in a group.

Language that Works website showcase

WordPress website with event booking functionality, many blog posts all bird themed.

Language that Works blog showcase

Each “feeling” word became an inspiration to select bird pictures visually translating the concept.

Language that Works newsletter showcase

The well-subscribed newsletter was the most powerful tool to fill the facebook group for interaction, discussion and a great audience to promote workshops to.

Suzan’s judgement and guidance comes with such experience and alignment to what a small company needs that just her one or two hours per month save us a huge amount of wasted effort and opens effective avenues that we may never have thought of.

Tara Wood / Language that works

Thank you so much. I picked up printed cards on Wednesday. I immediately got compliments from people I handed out to that evening, so hat off to inkfish team!

Sarah Decker / Language that Works