Happy Earth People Inkfish design


INKFISH started working with Taleszia when Happy Earth People was nothing but a beautiful idea. We designed and created the logo, corporate identity elements, the first packaging and the website with online shop. We set up their marketing and social media channels for blogging, newsletters and created their online store. INKFISH was intensively involved with Happy Earth People for the first 5 months after they launched, and thereafter provided support on demand. The website went live in February 2016 and has now established itself solidly in the South African search results while the products are on the shelves of major retailers in the country.

Happy Earth People business card

The logo design process was clearly briefed very smooth. The cute little square business card always get noticed.

Happy Earth People email showcase

Newsletter celebrating the birthday of Happy Earth People now growing a solid fanbase.

Happy Earth People pasta

The boxes for chickpea pasta and red lentil pasta we had to learn a lot about biodegradable food-quality packaging.

Happy Earth People website showcase

Six years after the original launch of the site we are still looking after the nuts and bolts.

Our new product page & online shop is finally up, go and have a look see! All beautifully done by INKFISH, excellent web and creative work. The packaging has very much been a learning curve for all of us. Earth friendly landfill free has been a top priority and INKFISH have totally supported this core principal.

Taleszia Pillay / Happy Earth People