Caffenu Inkfish graphic


When an existing client signs up another of their businesses, it’s always a good sign and we get into the groove nice and fast! Caffenu is different from Coffee Capsules Direct in the sense that it is not local B2C, but international B2B. It required a different approach in digital marketing.

We’ve been supporting the international resellers with marketing material, branded info-graphics, information and other digital marketing as required. The emphasis has also been on SEO for this account.

Caffeu 1 million people cant be wrong infographic

Infographic showing testimonials from all over the world, merging Caffenu brand with Amazon visual language.

Caffenu product pamphlet

Text heavy presenter showing Caffenu full product range in a fresh accessible manner.

Caffenu clean renew coffee graphic

An online library with downloadable marketing material was created for Caffenu resellers. For example these funny quotes for social media.

Caffenu descale pamphlets

Clear marketing material is essential to roll out product in new markets.

We would not be where we are today without you, you have highly contributed to our growth, and we have really enjoyed working particularly with Claire, my favourite marketing manager of all time.

Judith Walter / Caffenu