Anicann Inkfish graphic


After experiencing the amazing effects of CBD oil when his spouse had had cancer, business owner Steve Hazard developed Anicann, bringing these benefits to the European market for pet owners specifically.
The brand aimed to create confidence in a non-airy fairy way bringing in clear and visual explanations of the working of the product. Unfortunately the PayPal regulations around cannabis oil at the time put a halt on the launch of the project.

Anicann logo

Logo design with cannabis leaf in a modern clean way.

Annican icons

Icons used in various applications to clarify use and purpose to ensue correct use in any language.

Anicann CBD oil bottle showcase

Clean yet stylish labels for various bottle sizes.

Anicann dog CBD infographic

leaflets and downloadable info with infographics explaining working of the cannabis oil for dogs.

A beautiful creation, thank you all so much,
expectations properly surpassed!

Steve Hazard / Anican