Finest Kind inkfish design


Finest Kind is a company that supplies cheese, yogurt and butter making ingredients and equipment and has been a client from the very beginning with their first logo and website. Since then INKFISH has done a variety of other work for Finest Kind. Finest Kind was one of the first retainer clients and we built their successful online shop. We created a lead funnel with a free downloadable eBook which continues to grow their email subscriber database. Finest Kind has a great opening and click through rate for their newsletter campaigns.

Finest Kind website showcase

WordPress website with Woo commerce online shop with over 200+ products and variables.

Finest Kind Facebook showcase

Facebook page with many followers connected to an active FB group with over 1500 members from the whole of Southern Africa.

Finest Kind box packaging render

Label design for economic and eco friendly packaging for cheese and yoghurt making kits.

Finest Kind eBook render

Packed with a wealth of valuable information on how to make your own cheese, this free download has gained Finest Kind many new subscribers.