For NGOs and charities there is a fairly unique approach required when it comes to digital marketing and the presentation of the marketing material as a whole. In essence, most NGOs and charities have a double target market, the first target market is the people, or the cause they are committed to. The natural tendency of the NGO is typically to try and speak to the people they’re helping or to people who are connected to the areas that they are involved with, while this is important, the NGO or charity must focus their marketing on bringing in more funds and sponsorships rather than thinking about showcasing the work that they’ve done and that they would like to do. Secondly, even though we have no problem adding ‘donate now’ buttons on websites, the reality is that these don’t work. What does work is to create small and understandable, achievable goals for charities and sell them off in an online shop-type environment. Unfortunately, most charities do not want to go that route but it is well-known that this is the most effective way of bringing in funds, such as ‘buy one tree to be planted’ or ‘sponsor one kid for one year’, these types of things, the NGOs and charities you find here have been sponsored for their marketing to some extent and we were required to implement the requested marketing rather than being instrumental in generating new sponsors.

Alliance earth Inkfish Graphic


Environmental Documentary Production

Lunchbox Theatre Inkfish graphic


Environmental School Theatre

Eden to Addo Inkfish graphic


Elephant corridor from Knysna to Addo elephant park,
South Africa

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Bringing bees and corporates together.