We’ve done digital marketing for various home improvement brands. They range from eco-paint to a wide variety of architects, to electrical, a plumber, appliances, company light fixings and finishes, pool covers and shutters, blinds and related products.It is often a male-dominated world, which can shine through in the original setup of the brands that may not have a veryrefined touch into design style meaning that there’s usually a lot of a benefit to be gained by rebranding and creating a style that looks slick and smooth and technical and yet showcases the products to them in their best way – there is also an aspect of showing how things exactly work. So, infographics are very beneficial to these brands, as well as videos on how things work. There is a technical and aesthetic overlap that can gain a lot of improvement in conversions when done correctly. In addition, having landing pages for each product is what is of most benefit to the brands. Because every landing page is searchable and can be found with the right keyword optimizing and can convert into leads for these brands, both social media marketing and Google advertising is very beneficial because there will be people searching for these specific products, and there are people who will be prompted and alerted to the fact that home improvement products are available. In addition, what is a very beneficial opportunity for these brands is because we have various product types that are essentially speaking to the same niche market, and you can do many cross-marketing exercises such as competitions to expose the products to each other’s audiences.


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