The health and beauty industry is one that is extremely busy, and very much dominated. It has always been strong with advertising, branding, and marketing. It is difficult to break into the market as a small new startup brand. The only way that there’s really an opportunity to gain traction is to be niche, start small and build an audience as you go. In many cases, our health and beauty products start off as a small artisanal shop, and then fairly soon move to a situation where only wholesale is the way to go because selling separate items one by one, from a website or even from a shop doesn’t really make sense. So the business-to-business approach is very much to provide the resellers with very good and enticing material that they can share so that their audience will come and shop for these products. For the resellers themselves you make the transaction as easy as possible, the packaging appealing, the information extensive, because a good reseller will want to know everything about this product. It’s not an impulse buy but a business decision to invest in one of those or in a batch of these products and then take those into their own sales environment. The amount of followers on social media is important because this is often an indicator for resellers that they look at to see if the brand is one that has already got traction in the market. Good presentations of the benefits of the product and how they can be marketed are usually very good as well. Fact sheets can help with this, in addition to being very specific about what types of ailments or issues the health and beauty products can address. Those are also important when it gets translated into content marketing because each time you can focus on one specific beneficial aspect of the product, which is the way to penetrate the market for health and beauty products.

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