The market is very dominated by big brands that have an amazing digital marketing presence, it’s therefore very challenging to be everything to everybody and the most crucial aspect for jewelry and fashion brands is to niche and be unique and specific in what the product has to offer and who it would be suitable or appealing to. With beauty and fashion, and jewelry it requires that we stay on top of the latest trends in terms of social media, what’s cool. what’s happening, and what’s new. To stay on the brand to give these brands a voice, the authenticity of the owner should shine through in the way they present themselves. And then, in addition, the actual uniqueness of the product. The visual impact of these types of brands is obviously of core importance. The visual and consistency in how this brand presents itself are paramount for the audience to recognize if the brand is recognized. As such, the focus in these accounts might also be more on the actual product itself as people care less about a fashion brand or jewelry brand. They care more about the actual product that’s pushed forward. This is quite a product-focused approach with keeping the latest trends in mind. Furthermore, this is also ultimately a suitable area to work with influencers that will pick up on any intriguing and new fashion or jewelry item.



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