For education based clients such as tertiary institutes, schools, producers and providers of courses and learning material, our role in the marketing is often, partly being involved with the creation of the actual material. Apart from a good website and informative social media, the learning material itself provides a lot of great information to share with an audience such as teasers, webinars with introductions, infographics on the process and so on. The main contribution that our design and video team has been able to give his development of training manuals online or videos, instruction videos, online courses, which we have and we’ve created several online courses including providing the structure and framework of the information with interactive tests and certificates for for these educational organizations. The combined effort means that the learning material, online course material, and branding all speaks the same language and is cross pollinating each other. Short online courses can function as a lead funnel and training material can function as inspiration for content marketing.

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AFRICA SKILLS – skills development institute

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LEO WEXFORD – local enterprise office Wexford, Ireland

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