I am the Designer at Inkfish.

I have only been here a few months and already felt like a part of the wonderful fishy family. I studied Branding and Design at Vega Durban, and moved to Cape Town eager for a new experience and adventure.

One of the best parts of working at Inkfish is the remote-working. Not having to go to the office means I get to work from anywhere in world!

What would you do with a million dollars?
Build a treehouse and live the rest of my life in the wilderness. I love tree houses so much that I actually designed my own custom tree-house when I was in college… and I intend to see those plans through, with or without a million dollars.

What would be your dream car?
A space ship, because there is no car that can take me where I really want to go :).If I had to choose an earthly vehicle, it would a be Subaru, its fast and classic. My father was lucky enough to have two and I would like to keep up the tradition.

What unusual place would you like to visit and why?
Nepal, because of the people and the culture but more than anything, to be at the foot of the greatest mountain on Earth is a truly humbling experience.

What is your best idea to date?
To start writing and illustrating my own comic book about me and my family, because everyone is just more interesting in a comic book.

Pirates or ninjas? Or something else? Why?
Pirates! A rebel on higher tides… Roaming the wide open seas with no cares in the world and bounty of treasure, seems like a pretty good way to live.

City or nature person? Why?
I am a nature person! Whether it’s hiking on the mountain or just lying on the grass in my own garden, nothing compares to the colours of the outdoors.