I am the Account Administrator at Inkfish. I joined the company in June 2018 and I have learnt a lot. As an Account Admin i make sure that things are done on time and that the client is happy.

I am from Harare, Zimbabwe but at the moment I am living in Rondebosch Cape Town. I work from home, Rondebosch East Cape Town because I am relaxed and I do not have to deal with traffic going to work and coming back from work. I sometimes work from Exclusive books, Cavendish Square because it also has a coffee shop and when I need a break i just take a book and start reading

As weird as it sounds I enjoy doing things on my own, going for shopping or traveling alone, I enjoy my own company sometimes because it gives me time to think and just relax. I also enjoy hiking, that feeling that you get when you are at the top of the mountain, that you have accomplished something and the view is always great.

What’s the furthest you have been away from your place of birth? Describe how it was?
I am from Harare, Zimbabwe and the furthest would be where I am now, in Cape Town. I miss home, the environment the freedom and mostly the the food, but it is also good to be in s different place where you experience different cultures. I enjoy Cape Town because it is beautiful, I can never get enough of it.

What is your best hidden talent?
I love to sing. I don’t know if I should say hidden but maybe it is hidden because I do not sing in public. Singing makes me happy, it calms me down.

Pirates or ninjas? Or something else? Why?
Ninjas for me. Ninja sounds cool and the fact that they can fight with anything

Madonna or Lady Gaga? Neither? Both? Who cares?
Who cares. Madonna or Lady Gaga they are both musicians. The other one is older, the other on is younger

Do you like horror movies? How about thrillers?
No I don’t like and I don’t watch horror movies, thrillers I do watch them a lot, they always have a twist that is what’s exciting about them

City or nature person? Why?
I am a nature person. It’s beautiful, peaceful, clean, the air is fresh.