I am the MC for INKFISH in the Netherlands

Ha ha I work from home in The Hague. I love the Hague, because it has a lot of Dutch cultural traditions and awesome architecture. On top it is at the same time one of the biggest international communities in The Netherlands. We have both worlds and it is coming together nicely!

First prize however is the ocean. It is just around the corner from me.

What would be your dream car?
My dream car has always been a night blue metallic Porsche 911 cabrio…. It is sexy, it is fast and furious with lots of style.

What work experience from the past is a job you would never do again and why?
Bookkeeping. I do not like sitting behind a computer the whole day and working with figures….

What is your best hidden talent?
Being a Ninja. If I could I would train everyday, the whole day and hunt the worst people ever.

If you could get a tattoo on your back, what would it be?
It would be my Rottweiler. The tattoo will cover my entire back. She is my love, my everything and never lets me down. With her I would love to free all animals in very sad living conditions.

Pirates or ninjas? Or something else? Why?
I would not mind to be both. They both live a free life with their own rules and full of adventure.

If you could have any pet in the world, illegal or not, what would you get?
I love cats and dogs. I would get all the Rottweilers, next to all the stray animals and capitive animals.