MyHours Admin, handling hour tracking tasks and reporting.

Working online home-based, and I love it! It’s very convenient, I don’t have to travel everyday going to work, avoiding the hustle and bustle of commuting, no more traffic, no more transpo expenses and need not worry anymore on what to wear, unlike when you go to office everyday.

I love living independently on my own, having the freedom to do anything I want to.

I am a homebody but I also love hanging out with my relatives, catching up with each other, doing movie marathons and karaoke singing, cooking our favorite dishes and we love eating out especially at our favourite buffet restos because they are all big eaters except me 😊.

If you were a fruit, what would you be and why?
Mango, for me it’s a very versatile fruit, you can eat it ripe or unripen and both delicious either way.  I’m also like a mango, I can be very versatile, I can adjust myself in whatever situation, good or bad.

What’s the strangest thing you have ever eaten, and why?
I have an uncle who’s an animal hunter, while on vacation in the province, my uncle’s place and still a young girl then, I had tried eating a monitor lizard meat (“bayawak” in Filipino language).  It’s delicious, taste like chicken because it feeds on chicken so that’s why, as they said 😊.

What’s the furthest you have been away from your place of birth? Describe how it was?
I have travelled recently to Brisbane, Australia, it’s 3,484 miles away from my country, Philippines.  Air travelling per se is hard especially for long flights, plus there’s the hassle of having delayed flights, catching up with your flights and other inconveniences, BUT it’s all worth the experience, of being away once in a while from your hometown, seeing beautiful places, experiencing and learning the different cultures is really all worth it.

What is your best hidden talent?
I love to sing but the songs doesn’t like me LOL! 😊.  Seriously, I can sing but not really that good like a singer, I do it just as a hobby, in fact I bought a bluetooth karaoke microphone, singing is one of my favourite pastime and form of relaxation.

Pirates or ninjas? Or something else? Why?
Wonder Woman, she embodies beauty and strength…call it Girl Power!

If you had to have a cow or a pig, which would you take? Why?
I prefer a cow, so that I can have a supply of fresh milk everyday and that I don’t have to buy anymore from the grocery store.

Do you like horror movies? How about thrillers?
No, I don’t like horror movies, for me it’s very disturbing and I believe there’s a subliminal message in it, but my relatives love horror & thriller movies, so when we do movie marathons, can’t help but watch it too 🙂 though I can’t really appreciate ☹.