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We hold meetings at set times for which you could receive an invitation in your email inbox, or you are given a meeting ID to enter to join. The following videos help you to get all the systems ready to go for our meetings:

Some tips to ensure meetings flow easy:

  1. Please only use video when requested, and mute sound if you are in a loud space with kids, traffic or otherwise. You can use the chat box to ask questions.
  2. A recording can be made from a meeting, this needs to be requested and approved upfront by all parties.


Trello is the software we use to keep track of the digital marketing work done for the company. There will be a monthly board, for recurring work and a resources board, where info is kept such as contact details and passwords. INKFISH will be managing this trello board and ask for info from clients to be added. A client is typically not pro-active on the trello boards, just reactive in terms of answering and adding info.

We do advise to create your own trello board to have some fun playing around after watching this video:
and our explanation of the basic actions (note: this video was recorded for our students):


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