optimized digital performance for Aquaflex

How we optimized digital performance for Aquaflex

Taking a company digital is a challenging, but fairly easy if you follow these simples steps. Get a design for your business, what is the need you are servicing, who your target audience and how to build an online presence through Ads. Keep reading to find out how Aquaflex started.

How does it work:

Aquaflex is a company that manufactures and supplies pool covers as well as an Aqua pipe drain extender – which catches the rainwater and diverts it into the pool.
To connect the drain extenders, hook it up to the downpipes and run it to connect to the pool. Saving on the water waste.
The blue covers are PVC, breathable, and geo bubble plastics are also safety covers and they are available in different colors.

How long is the company in existence:

The company was founded in 2012 and is based in South Africa. They supply to other hardware stores or pool suppliers throughout South Africa, they are aiming to go international?

What has been put in place for this brand:

The Builds for the design elements have been completed and confirmed. The website will be updating a few things to keep it current and has all the right policies, such as the cookie policy.

We started a content plan and will be able to post and get social up and running. We’ve also done keyword research and can start putting together a Google ad and directly focuses on getting the audience to their website.

Testing ads and why the USA was the initial geo-location? This was a test run to see what works and what needs improvement.

A critical feature to focus on is the testimonial and to gain the trust and showcase this on social as proof. So ideally, you need to have somebody in the States or Australia see how they’re happy with their pool cover.

You could use social media and link up with accounts that Facebook paid page. Do a matching audience search.

So people who’ve been buying and investing in burglar bars in Cape Town are typically people who are homeowners, and possibly might have a pool or know people with a pool – that allows you to create advertising campaigns that are really nicely targeted to the type of audience that your company is also selling to.

The purpose is to convert browsing customers into paying customers, and that means having everything relevant on the website. Do not make the client think too long, have an answer for them ready. Be bold and have a sort of calculator that can produce an automated price. Do more with the right tools.

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