making their visuals look
as good as their food

The François Ferreira Academy, located in George, Western Cape, South Africa, is an accredited institution specialising in Culinary Arts and Hospitality. They aim to provide learners with the necessary culinary arts and hotel management skills to excel in the dynamic hospitality industry.


Upon reviewing their website, we realised the absence of visual content showcasing the remarkable experience offered at the François Ferreira Academy. We wanted to capture the essence of being in their state-of-the-art kitchens, working alongside fellow students and seasoned culinary professionals.

FFA Website

To address this, we decided to replace the generic stock imagery with vibrant, high-quality photographs that truly reflect the François Ferreira Academy’s and its students’ spirit. This strategic shift allowed us to establish a more personal connection with the audience and create a genuine representation of their brand.

Special attention was paid to ensuring that the selected imagery accurately represented the relevant keywords on the website. This approach ensures that when the right audience discovers the site, they immediately recognise that they have arrived at the perfect destination

FFA Social
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