Apprenticeships for the world of digital marketing

The INKFISH apprenticeship program creates a platform for inexperienced individuals to gain the experience they need in fields of interest such as web design and technical SEO, writing, marketing, video, and graphic design. Continue reading to learn more about these exciting opportunities.


Compared to the thousands of rands you may spend on similar courses, courses at INKFISH cost you nothing but time. The number of modules at your disposal allows you to broaden your horizons by teaching you everything you need to know, providing theoretical knowledge and practical experience simultaneously .

You will assist with the workload for hands-on experience. The processes you will learn at INKFISH will equip you to be an asset in the digital marketing field, with skills that are in high demand.


At present, you will have four courses at your disposal, as an apprentice, in the INKFISH academy. Each course has a number of modules to get you started in the different fields of expertise. These modules are step-by-step guides that help you understand the process to follow when completing jobs specific to the apprenticeship you’ve chosen. If you’re finding that you might be a better fit in a different field, you may choose to switch to a different course.

The Digital Marketing Manager course has 25 modules that teach you the basics of the digital marketing field, including marketing strategy, content creation, Google Analytics, search engine optimization, directories, among others.

The Writing & Social Media Course has 19 modules to get you started with the basics of writing and editing content for web, including social media posts, blog posts, newsletters, the basics of SEO, and keyword research, among others.

The WordPress & SEO Course has 22 modules aimed at helping you understand all things web-related. This includes how to check the functionality of add-ons and plug-ins, the layout of a website, site optimization, technical installations, and more.

The Design & Video Course has 16 modules that teach you the essentials of digital design. You’ll learn how to use various Adobe software to create designs for images, book covers, advertisements, blogs, flyers, and brochures.


For an apprentice to learn the tricks of the trade, it takes some time. Learning how to communicate, log time, and properly complete tasks might take you a month or two, depending on how fast you pick up the skills being taught. During your working hours you will be trained to complete the various tasks assigned to you, with constant support for when get stuck.  


Before your work gets checked by your superiors, your work gets checked by a buddy assigned to you. This buddy will be one of the more experienced apprentices that are able to help you tackle your work based on their own experiences. However, just as your work gets checked by your buddy, your buddy’s work will also be checked by you.

This system allows for the growth of both parties. Each individual learns something from the other, which also creates a sense of community.


Each INKFISH team member has multiple responsibilities that help the company flow. If the following job opportunities are enticing to you, ensure you perform well and work hard during your apprenticeship to get noticed. You might just end up as part of this amazing team that ensures the smooth running of the company and the processes involved in it.

Marketing Managers responsibilities include:

  • keeping track of page views and the bounce rate on google analytics.
  • doing keyword research.
  • basic site optimization.
  • adding credible directories to client websites for rankings.
  • checking keyword optimization.
  • managing writing jobs.
  • running audits to report to clients.
  • working with translators.
  • composing company profile and marketing profile.
  • creating email newsletters.
  • managing monthly content provided by the client.

Design responsibilities include:

  • creating designs for images, book covers, advertisements, blogs, flyers and brochures.
  • overseeing template-based design approvals.
  • supporting new apprentices with workflow, workload and creative work.
  • supporting new apprentices with using Adobe software from beginner to advanced level.
  • ensuring client templates and open artwork are up to date and easily accessible for other designers.
  • approving creative job briefs and assisting marketing managers when briefing creative jobs (like brochures, booklets, logos, etc).
  • assisting with web design approvals.

Writing responsibilities include:

  • writing various types of blog posts, newsletters, company descriptions, marketing profiles and social media intros.
  • transcribing audio or video into comprehensible text.
  • incorporating relevant keywords into all copy.
  • conducting hashtag research.
  • proofreading and editing copy from other writers.

Web responsibilities include:

  • building websites and specifically styling pages according to the client.
  • checking the functionality of add-ons.
  • ensuring all pages work and fixing those that do not work.
  • creating and fixing email newsletter templates.
  • technical installations.
  • creating forms.
  • basic site optimization.
  • tracking newsletters dispersal on Mailchimp and pulling newsletter stats.
  • creating an email database for clients.


When you’re learning you will make mistakes and because we work with clients and produce a lot of public facing content, these mistakes can be critical. To prevent any damage from being done, your superiors are there to check and help you fix anything that may be incorrect.

Risks include client websites looking unprofessional or incomplete, writing work has errors and misspelled words which ultimately makes the company look incompetent, content that contains the incorrect information could lead to loss of customers and essentially a loss of money. For these reasons, and more, it is important to have work done correctly before ultimately being reviewed by the client.


INKFISH courses are designed to help you understand what is expected of you during your time with us. Most modules include instructor-led videos and self-paced reading material. The learning process is similar to many other learning institutions, which tends to make things feel familiar.

There are many companies that offer theory and practical experience through apprenticeships, such as the Michelangelo Hair Academy, Africa Skills, and Francois Ferreira Academy, but not all of them are free.

At INKFISH you are able to skip the student debt often associated with obtaining a certification and work experience, allowing you to have freedom from any financial burden you might already have.

An added benefit is that our apprenticeships last between 6 months and a year, where some other apprenticeships last up to 2 years.


As many companies are going digital, the skills learned at INKFISH will always be in demand and if you love what you do, you won’t work a day in your life!

Companies always need marketing managers, web designers, and writers. These jobs are constantly being advertised and, thanks to remote opportunities, jobs are not limited to your region. You can work internationally without needing to move anywhere.

Full-time and part-time work is available in all our fields of expertise, which means our apprenticeships are a great opportunity to expand your knowledge and portfolio.

After your time spent at INKFISH, your future employer will see value in your work experience, competency and ability to do what is required of you. The skills you learn here will help ensure that opportunities come in abundance.

Would you like to be a part of this company culture? The INKFISH family will welcome you with open arms. Apply here to get started on your new journey!