start your exciting career as a web developer

Do you have a knack for technology and a keen interest in the importance of digital marketing? Would you like to learn how to build websites using WordPress?

Participating in a web design and SEO apprenticeship will provide you with the opportunity to work for real clients under professional supervision. Time management and communication are vital to this position, as you will need to follow direction and be a contributing member of the INKFISH team. You will work in the web design department learning the ins and outs of SEO best practices and how to properly incorporate this into optimised web content.


Doing an INKFISH wordpress apprenticeship is worth your while and you will be job ready when you leave INKFISH if you bring your part.

Thanks, INKFISH, for the opportunity. I learned so much. I can positively say I am more directed towards a tech career now. What I’ve achieved at INKFISH – was just a dream last year.

Ryno Andrew Lawack, web apprentice

As a wordpress and SEO apprentice, you are required to:

  • Work with WordPress, with a good understanding of the customiser, editor, and themes.
  • Be an integral part of website build, changes, SEO and site health and security checks.
  • Learn online collaboration software and communication habits.
  • Help other INKFISH departments with web related tasks.
  • Help out with website optimisation.
  • Create email newsletter campaigns.
  • Build basic websites.
  • Assist with back-linking strategies.

Apprenticeships at INKFISH are a total of 1000 hours (6 months full time). After a successful apprenticeship, you will leave with a letter of recommendation and in some cases an offer to continue working with us. If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you.

Please note:This is a work from home position. Ensure you have an undisturbed workspace, reliable internet and computer.