8 tips to build a luxury brand identity that will attract users

1   Keep it unique
2   Utilize customization
3   Understand market and culture
4   Craft an engaging online experience
5   Go mobile
6   Satiate the senses
7   Think about context
8   Be passionate
[hr] If there is one thing a luxury brand can count on, it’s customer loyalty. Industries compete to produce high-quality, exclusive products that target a niche group of people who know what they like and who stick to what they know. The key isn’t just about maintaining the market through continued excellence in performance, but about grabbing the attention of potential customers by building a successful, luxury brand identity through a comprehensive and effective formula.


The key to excelling in luxury branding should start with this: the focus should be about catering for a particular target audience who admire unique appeal and excellent quality. Take this one step further and build a legacy around the brand by telling the story behind the product and why it is different from anything else on the market; the impression of investing in something that is rare not only enhances its desirability, but also increases its credibility as a wise investment.


People who crave a particular luxury brand not only desire the product, but the experience that comes with it. Giving that experience a personal touch is a great way to immerse the product’s relevance as well as complementing the consumer’s own tastes and interests.


Products that adapt and excel at capturing cultural themes will give them a more alluring appeal, and this also applies to large scale projects, real estate, institutions and organizations such as those sold by Lord Laidlaw. Laidlaw, who is also an active philanthropist, helms a highly successful business empire which has practiced the same principles of catering towards a specific demographic as well as focusing on the region in which it is placed. The art of localizing a product while continuing to project its universal message is one that every hot luxury brand in the market today strives to master.


In every marketing campaign, the online experience is essential. This means featuring accessible SEO-based literature that reinforces the ideals of the brand, an attractive user-interface, and the right balance of elegance and simplicity. This goes hand in hand with social media networking – be approachable, but be aware of the tone that will represent everything the company and/or products stand for.


Being accessible on multiple platforms is essential. While the initial resonance of your brand is exclusive, your availability shouldn’t be. Companies which have well-designed sites and apps which are compatible with smartphones, tablets, and laptops also re-emphasize professionalism as well as their commitment to the consumer.


Saturated colors, or muted, refined hues – whatever the palette and its level of vibrancy, stimulating the experience of the product is vital. Through appearance, all senses can be captured; the sound of crystalline water, the refreshing and irresistible texture of a bottle bursting with beautiful droplets – it all adds to the journey which the consumer will undertake when enjoying a glass of fine whiskey, for example. Sensory branding forges that emotional connectivity which is so elemental in building long-term relationships with customers.


Why does your product matter? Does it serve a purpose in contemporary society? You might decide to re-establish the role your product plays in a world which is rapidly changing around it, or choose to retain its original, authentic value; car brands in particular are experts at striking the fine balance between the two.


What truly lies behind the heart of successful luxury branding is the passion and commitment that radiates from the craftspeople and marketeers themselves. Why do you love your product? Why do you think it matters? What about the time and toil you poured into it simply because you believe in it, and want to provide the best experience for your consumers? Answer these questions while working out the next step of your marketing campaign, and you’ll already be halfway there.

The rest is easy. You don’t always need over-the-top marketing slogans to steal the show, because the beauty of the luxury brand is that it can speak for itself. Let it work its own magic.