The octopus is an extremely clever animal, with intelligence in each of it's eight
flexible arms, and the ability to change colour and shape according to it's environment.
And it can add a splash of ink for some extra impact!

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Collaborating with Inkfish over the past years has been about co-creation, creative brainstorming, and a partnership built on trust.  Suzan is a brilliant networker and is forever open to exploring new ideas and synergies, while keeping our environmental footprint in mind.

Sarah Dekker, Living Rituals


Inkfish has been instrumental in putting long term systems in place for me for the marketing of Eco Atlas via beautifully crafted newsletters and online marketing. Their years of experience in the field shines through and their ethos of supporting eco friendly products forged a great match for giving Eco Atlas the exposure it needs.

Rhian Berning, Eco Atlas


I love the fact that Suzan gets involved in the product entirely, it becomes part of her life and an extension of herself. Suzan doesn’t separate her work from her personal life, it’s all integrated. Hence she only takes on products she really believes in.

Sam Skyring, Oryx Desert Salt

What I really like about Inkfish is the different approach to marketing. They don’t just give you a website which is out of date in 3 months time because you’ve had changes in your business, you had changes in your product. But they work with you continuously to improve your website or they can write a blog for you or they can do social media. Inkfish has really put up an amazing team and it’s really organised and really gets you the most value for your business.

Judy Walter, Coffee Capsules Direct

Flash Components was established in 2002 as an import company.
Flash Components is a proudly South African company and brand name.
Vision: Lighting up Africa, saving the planet’s energy, saving you money!

As long as you have Happy Earth People, you’ve got the start to a great tasting meatless meal with just as much protein and you won’t find your little ones hiding these peas under the table. Each dish is packed with protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals you will even be doing your bit for the planet. We can do this folks, one mouth-watering mouthful at a time.

We make our own chocolate which we craft into some wonderfully decadent chocolate confectionery. We also make our own marshmallow, nougat, caramel and fudge.

Green Girl is an online shop for eco friendly products in the South Peninsula of Cape Town area. She started her life in 2015 by owner Suzan McCreadie, who is passionate about the environment and recycling. Sourcing an alternative for everything in her monthly shopping basket, she has created Green Girl in support of those with the same vision of being a conscious consumer as well as to “vote with your money”. Suzan is also partner in Inkfish digital marketing, promoting predominantly eco friendly products.

Pisces Divers is a PADI Five Star Instructor Development dive centre and scuba diving operator based in Simonstown, offering a full range of PADI dive training and daily dive excursions, as well as a retail shop, servicing centre, dive gear rental service, coffee shop and air and nitrox filling station.

ECOPAINT are suppliers of quality eco-friendly paints and products for residential and industrial use. The range consists of high-quality primers, paints, and protective solutions. The products are cost-effective and sourced directly from the factory. Eco need not cost more.
All the products are non-toxic, odorless, lead free, anti-fungal, and have no VOC rates. They are also highly fire-retardant, UV resistant, fast drying, and have an excellent spread rate. They can be applied to walls, roofs, and floors, and onto a wide variety of surfaces.


Jinja Skin Care is a range of chemical free, earth and animal friendly personal products made with love and passion from the finest natural, organic and Fairtrade ingredients.